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Nova IVF Fertility | Southend Fertility & IVF, Gurugram, is our 1st center in the state of Haryana. The centre caters to couples who are looking for world-class fertility treatments in Gurugram. The center offers comprehensive management of fertility needs from medical to surgical, basic to advanced IVF procedures. The center will cater to the needs of couples who have had multiple IVF failures too.

With a vision to provide best-in-class fertility treatment all Nova IVF Fertility centres in India are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and labs which follow international guidelines on maintaining standards in delivering high quality fertility treatment with success rates on par with international fertility chains in the UK, Europe and USA.

The centre has expert infertility specialists, embryologists and counsellors who play a key role in the fertility treatment of a patient. The centre handles the IVF process in a seamless way - treatment, collection of ovum, freezing, transfer post processing. The centre has a lab that performs diagnostic tests to conduct basic and advanced blood parameters, measure hormonal levels, identify structural issues in male and female.

Address: Plot No 522, near Supermarket, Sector 27, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

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